Biomass Logistic & Trade Centres

Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres (BLTCs) are local or regional centres with optimised logistics and trading organization, where different woody bioenergy products (or heat) are marketed at standardised quality focusing on the domestic market uptake.

It’s an innovative business model competitively operating as an intermediator to organise local woody bioenergy value chains between local biomass suppliers and customers of different scale from private households up to deliveries to heat and power plants.

In Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Finland BLTCs of different shape with own production, storage and logistic facilities are competitively operating. BioRES aims to setting up at least 6 – 8 new BLTCs in distributed over at least 2 of the 3 countries in Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria during the project.

Presentation and basic facts about BioRES

Best Practice BLTCs in Austria

Best Practice BLTC in Finland