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Project partners

BioRES project team | © K. Pasanen, LUKE

BioRES project team | © K. Pasanen, LUKE


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) is a German federal enterprise that offers demand-driven, tailor-made and effective services for sustainable development. GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. Most of the work is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). GIZ also operates on behalf of other German ministries and public and private bodies in Germany and abroad. These include the European Commission, governments of other countries, the United Nations and the World Bank. GIZ operates throughout Germany and in more than 130 countries worldwide. With 16,410 staff around the globe, almost 70 per cent are employed locally as national personnel. GIZ’s business was over EUR 1.9 billion as at 31 December 2013.


BioRES project coordinator: Frank Mischler
E-mail: frank.mischler@giz.de

European Biomass Association (AEBIOM)

The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) is the common voice of the bioenergy sector with the aim to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. AEBIOM is a non profit Brussels based international organisation founded in 1990 that brings together around 40 associations and 90 companies from across Europe thus representing more than 4000 indirect members including mainly companies and research centers. In this regard, one of AEBIOM’s core activities consists of closely monitoring EU legislation and proposing recommendations to both policy makers and their members on a wide range of issues including sustainability and fuel quality criteria. Therefore, AEBIOM has the adequate expertise to tackle these aspects addressed in the BioRES project.


Contact person: Glen Wilson
E-mail: wilson@aebiom.org
Phone: +32 2 318 59 82

Landeskammer für Land-und Forstwirtschaft Steiermark (LK-STMK)

Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft Steiermark – Styrian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry LK-Stmk was established in 1929 as representation of interests of Styrian farmers. Each Styrian farmer is member of LK-Stmk by Styrian law. Through its intensive advice activity in the last 20 years LK-Stmk played a decisive role that Styria developed into a model region in the field of the production of heat and electricity based on biomass and biogas as well as biofuels for transportation purposes. Lk-Stmk is also put in charge with handling of financial support schemes for biomass district heating projects, logwood, woodchips and wood pellet heating systems as well as biogas plants in Styria. Lk - Stmk organised 2014 “The fourth Central European Biomass conference” with more than 1100 participants from over 60 countries worldwide. The conference took place in Graz in January 2014. About 120 presentations treated subjects like, climate change and security of energy supply, raw material supply, heat and electricity from biomass, transport biofuels, biogas, new energy crops, financing bioenergy projects. Lk Stmk was responsible for the implementation of 8 Biomass Trade Centers in Styria and is the most important partner for biomass producers and traders in Styria.


Contact person: Tanja Solar
E-mail: tanja.solar@lk-stmk.at
Phone: +43 316 8050 1409

Central Agricultural Raw Materials Marketing and Energy Network (CARMEN)

The Central Agricultural Raw Materials Marketing and Energy Network e.V. (CARMEN) was founded in July 1992 and is a non profit organisation working in the field of biomass, renewables and resource economics. Since 2001 it is part of the Competence Centre for renewable raw materials in Straubing, Germany. C.A.R.M.E.N. counts among its more than 70 members the government of Bavaria, industrial and farmers associations as well as large and small companies. It is well-founded in Bavarian society but also has members all throughout Germany and Austria. C.A.R.M.E.N coordinates and evaluates all biomass projects financially supported by the state of Bavaria. The mission of C.A.R.M.E.N. is to promote the research, study, development and use of renewable raw materials and renewable energies. It provides services for interested individuals as well as companies, organizations and public institutions concerning all matters of renewable resources. C.A.R.M.E.N. is engaged in public relations, e.g. publications in the mass media or special publications as product/producer catalogues, bulletins about meetings and discussions, press conferences or press releases. C.A.R.M.E.N. also presents a mobile exhibition of about 600 products based on renewable resources and renewables Furthermore about 30 expert seminars per year are arranged and an extensive website about renewable resources is operated by C.A.R.M.E.N. Although C.A.R.M.E.N. was founded as a Bavarian institution its activities are reaching well beyond Germany today.


Contact person: Christian Schröter
E-mail: cs@carmen-ev.de
Phone: +49 9421 960 332

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organization promoting bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. Luke brings together expertise in renewable natural resources and responsible food production and provides innovative solutions that promote new business activities. The cross-disciplinary research data and expertise support responsible decision-making both domestically and internationally. Research on natural resources benefits the consumers by providing information on health and well-being, and by supporting the vitality of Finnish nature. The research and expert activities of the Natural Resources Institute Finland are founded on broad-based competence. Four research units, a statistics unit and an internal services unit all contain groups and teams, whose competencies are exploited in multi-disciplinary research programmes and projects carried out in collaboration with Finnish and international partners. Our customers, the end users of the information and solutions we offer, play a major role in planning and determining the focus of our research activities.


Contact person: Karri Pasanen
E-mail: karri.pasanen@luke.fi
Phone: +358295323268

The Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (KSSENA)

The Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (KSSENA) operates in 3 regions which are one of the most forested regions in Slovenia. KSSENA was established in the framework of the establishment of local or regional energy Agencies within the European program “Intelligent Energy Europe” by the following founders: Municipality of Velenje, Municipality of Celje, Municipality of Slovenj Gradec and Public utilities Company. KSSENA is an expert organization in the field of energy, with the emphasis on renewable energy sources (RES) and rational use of energy (RUE), and project management. KSSENA has been involved in several RES and RUE projects on national and European level and prepared several feasibility studies, energy concepts and other investment documents for the municipalities.


Contact person: Nejc Jurko
E-mail: nejc.jurko@kssna.velenje.eu
Phone: +386 3 896 1525

The North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA)

The North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) has been established as a non-profit institution by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and City of Zagreb under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme. The main objectives and the role of REGEA are to promote and encourage the regional sustainable development in the fields of energy and environmental protection through the utilization of renewable energy sources (RES) and the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, the scope of work includes: Promotion and implementation of “best practices” and “case-studies” in regional energy management; Public awareness activities in the fields of energy and environmental protection; Up-to-date information and advices regarding regional energy issues; Advisory support for the implementation of regional energy plans and programs REGEA has coordinated numerous projects focusing on woody biomass (especially from forestry and wood processing industry) energy utilisation, both national and international, and has experience in implementing projects which cover the whole biomass supply chain.


Contact person: Karlo Rajić
E-mail: krajic@regea.org
Phone: +385 47 658 493

The National Biomass Association Serbio (SERBIO)

The National Biomass Association Serbio (SERBIO) is registered as civil association. It’s an association of NGO’s, companies and individuals which work in the field of biomass utilization. Currently the Association has 30 members of which 9 are civil associations related to local and regional development and energy efficiency and also private forest owners’ associations; 13 members are companies related to woody and agricultural biomass utilization and 8 members are experts related to various aspects of biomass utilization from institutional and legislative aspect to consulting services and biomass boilers development. SERBIO has strong links with local biomass suppliers, processors and traders on one side and policy makers and potential investors on the other. Since its members are active in biomass utilization development. SERBIO has a good overview of the biomass market situation in Serbia and can effectively implement all activities needed for BLTC development in Serbia. SERBIO experts and staff are skilled and experienced in the development of project implementation, facilitating interactions with various stakeholders and in the biomass mobilization and utilization. SERBIO and its partner organizations participated in development of one biomass logistic and trade centre in Eastern Serbia. Therefore SERBIOs network of potential suppliers and buyers and the technical experience in developing biomass logistic and trade centres in Serbia will bring added value to the consortium in realization of this project.


Contact person: Vojislav Milijic
E-mail: vojislav.milijic@serbio.rs
Phone: +381 62 553 089

The Bulgarian Biomass Association (BGBIOM)

The Bulgarian Biomass Association (BGBIOM) is a national association of natural persons who work in the field of the production and the manufacturing of biomass in Bulgaria. BGBIOM was established in 1998. The objectives of BGBIOM are to propagate the growth of different plants for non-food use. Main activities of the association are promoting biomass production; informing the public about scientific evolutions related to growth and application of biomass products in the industry and energy sector; issuing and circulate documents; disseminating scientific research; organising educational and scientific events, organising consultants’ and experts’ activities; supporting the municipal and state bodies in organizing international programs and initiatives.


Contact person: Nikolay Kakanakov | Anna Aladjadjiyan
E-mail: office@bgbiom.org
Phone: +359 32 630896